Numeracy is the ability to use mathematical concepts and skills efficiently to meet the general demands of day-to-day life and to make sense of the world.

        At school, numeracy is a fundamental component of learning across all areas of the curriculum. Poor performance or underachievement in the subject of Mathematics is just one indicator that a pupil is having difficulty with numeracy and requires intervention.

          The comprehensive initial numeracy assessment has implemented as early as June to discover how pupils understand and use numbers and Mathematics to solve every day and more complex problems. 

             The process has identified a pupil’s strengths and weaknesses, specific cognitive processes and mathematical skills the child is experiencing difficulty with. A detailed report is recommendation for a remediation program as well as outline strategies for teachers and parents to help the student learn Mathematics more effectively.

        Following an initial assessment, an individualized program has created to target specific numeracy skills and cognitive processes identified as areas of need. The program is implemented in school through regular sessions in classrooms, complemented by weekly homework activities.

      Most important information related to the goal of this task should have to be presented such as understanding and then choosing the best treatment option. 


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