The theory of Multiple Intelligences was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, stating that every student has their own set of intelligences and this led the government to implement educational programs where learning should not be hindered only to have a convergent set of instructions inside the classroom. One of these educational programs is the “Special Program in the Arts”; a nationwide program that has been implemented by the Department of Education to cater students who are greatly inclined in the arts.  It serves its purpose by developing students who learn better using their talents. It mainly consists of seven specializations and one of them is instrumental music designed for students with interest and potential on the said specialization.

Aside from the lack of facilities and equipment and a not conducive environment for learning, the problem that arises since it was implemented, not just in our school but most likely all pilot schools, is not having a standardized module. There are guidelines provided as to what should be expected for students to learn from this curriculum but it’s not comprehensive and specific enough as to what the teachers should teach. The course guide only provided the general idea of what to teach and the objectives but it didn’t give anything specific like the subject material. All subjects have their own set of modules, for teachers as well as for learners, but there is no such thing for SPA Instrumental Music. Although this program requires teachers who received a music degree, it doesn’t help because music is a broad subject for them. It’s not the same as teaching regular music inside the classroom. The program is a special case where you treat the students as if they were majoring in music. It is significant that there is a distinction between the learning experiences from this curriculum to that of music from one of the components of MAPEH so that the identity of SPA as an exclusive program is clearly established. The teachers are forced to research on their own, offering subjects that sometimes, not even useful or suited for these students. This action will lead to inconsistency on the students’ part.

Therefore, a standardized module should be created and distributed among these pilot schools to properly administer an orderly and systematic set of objectives and instructions for the learners. This will be achieved by doing research on nearby pilot schools through gathering of materials and consolidation. In order to obtain precise results, it’s also important to do some inquiry and gather opinions from people with music expertise.


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