Stress in your working place is caused by working to much because of many papers and deadlines. Other factors that tend to stress in your work place are low salaries, few opportunities for growth or advancement, work that isn’t engaging or challenging, lack of social support, not having enough control over job-related decisions and conflicting demands or unclear performance expectations. Fatigue and overworked builds up over a long time and cannot control by the nature of work. Those who experience this stress do not know how to relax themselves. Stress affects the body and mind of a person who under a large amount of stress. It may cause tiredness, sickness and poor intellectual thinking. And sometimes stress may lead to nervous breakdown.

            Here are some tips how to manage your stress in your working place.

Know you stressors. Take a walk; write down all the things that stressful to you. It may include people and circumstances. Try to write what are the effect of your stressors and figure out how you react with them.

Develop healthy responses. Instead of eating fast food, drinking alcohol and coffee do your best to fight your stress in a healthy way. You can take jogging or physical exercises that good for your body. Make time for your family; go with them in a mall show or watching movies. And you may also try to be more relaxed by doing your hobbies. And take an early sleep at night to have a good day in the morning.

Try to talk to your supervisor. It is good that they trust you in many projects, proposal or even in filling of documents but if you cannot give your best to comply those work it is better to talk with your supervisor.

Get some support. Ask some help to your family and trusted friends about your situation. Talking to someone help decrease the pressure of your stress.  It is good to feel that there are people who will always support you. And also try to talk to psychology consultant to release and manage your stress.

            Stress helps us to become more energetic, attentive and more focus at work but if it is too much it may cause negatively in your physical and emotional health. Learn to be more relax and have a time management in dealing your deadlines at your working place.




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